ODIN Protocol

CLI delegation

Delegation in the terminal
There may be times when ODIN web is down while ODIN is still in development. You will still be able to complete any delegation tasks using the ODIN daemon. Use the following command to delegate additional tokens to a validator.
docker exec -it node bandd tx staking delegate $VALIDATOR 250000000loki --from $ADDRESS --chain-id $CHAIN --node $MASTER
To collect all rewards from all validators you have delegated to, run the following command; Please be advised, it may take a significant amount of gas if you have delegated to several validators. The default amount for "auto" gas is 200,000 loki. If the TX fails from "out of gas" error, adjust gas amount as needed.
docker exec -it node bandd tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --from $ADDRESS --chan-id $CHAIN --node $MASTER --gas auto