ODIN Wallet operations

basic common ODIN wallet tasks outlined;

Aside from wallet creation and recovery, the most common wallet tasks are checking the balance and sending tokens to another wallet. Checking the balance is very simple.

For either of these operations, one should ALWAYS use the "--node" flag to ensure the information is always current. Check your wallet balance with the following command; replace the $ADDRESS variable with your ODIN wallet address if it has not yet been populated.

docker exec -it node bandd query bank balances $ADDRESS --node

To send loki to another ODIN wallet, use the following command;

docker exec -it node bandd tx bank send odin10u2g5yhvtm0d76f860kggp6lakge4q8hlf346q odin10xy7pe79cv57fcv7lr833fwd3s2fa9epzy07tz 999000000loki --chain-id $CHAIN --node

The first ODIN wallet address in the command is the FROM wallet. The second is clearly going to be the receiving or TO wallet. Loki amount should include the "loki" suffix directly after the integer.

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