ODIN Protocol

Restarting ODIN node

Restarting Your Audit Node

Clone this repository.
The repository contains the docker-compose file for quick launching of the node with preconfigurations on rpc, and genesis.json. Change your current directory to node Run startup bash script (for linux, mac):
Run following commands (for windows):
docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.yaml up -d
Prerequisites: make sure that the validator private key (priv_validator_key.json) and node id (node_key.json) files, are in node/config.
It will start the node for you, which will ingest all the previous heights
After node is launched, it starts syncing with the network.
Note: Check our nodes real-time logs with the following command:
docker-compose logs -f --tail 10 node
[IMPORTANT] Wait for the node to catch up with the remotes, to query it or send transactions

Restoring wallet

First of all, you need to log into your docker container
docker exec -it node /bin/bash
Once logged in, you can use bandd CLI to restore your ODIN wallet address. Please make sure to keep your mnemonic safe! (you can use --keyring-backend test with the following command, for testing purposes)
bandd keys add [[YOUR_WALLET_NAME]] --recover # e.g. user1
After that you will be asked to enter your mnemonic phrase. This will recover your wallet from mnemonic.