ODIN Protocol

Creating an ODIN Wallet

In order to interact with the system, you need a wallet. A wallet is a public key and a private mnemonic phrase. Keep your mnemonic phrase safe and secret.
You can do these steps while your node is syncing with the chain.

Creating Your Wallet

To create a wallet, you need to use the bandd CLI tool within the node container. Run the following: docker exec -it node bandd keys add YOUR_WALLET_NAME Make sure to replace YOUR_WALLET_NAME with the name you would like to give to your wallet. This name does not need to be unique on the chain, only within your node. The output of this command will look something like this:
$ docker exec -it node bandd keys add my_odin_wallet
Enter keyring passphrase:
Re-enter keyring passphrase:
name: my_odin_wallet
type: local
address: odin1rcv2d5vljealh8z9sqtnw3ljjchn4k28cgyu7x
pubkey: odinpub1addwnpepqtfj3p0ep5n4clla3gtd9a6czz9lytl59696mu4txx55375ald55c0jz2j9
mnemonic: ""
threshold: 0
pubkeys: []
**Important** write this mnemonic phrase in a safe place.
It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your password.
man act ride inhale wall success example anxiety damp daring slogan still town smile frame ketchup resemble avocado stairs crater meat aim lumber grace
Save the value of address: by running ADDRESS=<your-wallet-address> (you will need to copy-paste the address: value output by the previous command. This will save it to your current shell session; you will need it later.

Getting Tokens

After you've created your wallet, you can bridge your mainnet tokens to Baldur testnet. To do this, Go to the website: testnet.odinprotocol.io
Log in to the web using your Mnemonic Phrase.
Connect your wallet using metamask and transfer Odin tokens to receive Loki's. This way you will also be participating in our 30k testnet program. (1 ODIN = 10^6 Loki)

Checking Your Balance

Once you have created your wallet (regardless of whether you have any tokens in it, you can check your balance with the following command:
$ docker exec -e ADDRESS=$ADDRESS node bandd query bank balances $ADDRESS --chain-id $CHAIN --node
- amount: "10000000"
denom: loki
next_key: null
total: "0"
Set the amount of Loki tokens you want to stake with STAKE=<your-stake>loki should be approximately 200,000 loki less than the amount of Loki tokens you have in your wallet. The 200,000 remaining loki will be used for gas fees. For example, STAKE=10000000loki. Set the moniker (friendly name) for your validator node with MONIKER=<your-moniker>. This name is arbitrary and will be shown to all other users on the network.