ODIN Protocol

Testnet Reward Program

Details about the ODIN reward program for participation in the VIDAR testnet.
Odin protocol has now released VIDAR (testnet v0.1). After internal testing, our testnet is now operating stably, and work is underway on our next testnet version, BALDUR (testnet V 1.0), which is estimated to release the first week of September.
In order to gather more community users and developers to participate in the network, we have launched an incentivization program for our VIDAR testnet. This program aims to test the security and stability of the network and eliminate any potential hidden risk for the future Mainnet launch.
ODIN Protocol has allocated $30,000 worth of $ODIN (mainnet token) as an incentive for this program which will be distributed among participants in the testnet upon the launch of the mainnet.
The program started 22:00 PM on AUG 08, 2021 (UTC) and will conclude with the launch of the mainnet (estimated October).

How do I participate?

To participate in the incentive program, you will need to run a staked validator node on the VIDAR or (upcoming) BALDUR testnets. To run a staked validator node, refer to our guide to Running an ODIN Node and follow through the "Becoming ODIN Validator" steps.
A few important notes:
  • You will need to bridge $ODIN mainnet tokens to participate in the VIDAR / BALDUR testnet environment.
  • The bridge will be activated the week of August 9th. Until the bridge is activated, you can request some testnet tokens on our tech telegram group.
  • Rewards will be distributed when the mainnet is launched. All bridged tokens will be locked till the launch of Mainnet.
  • The total amount of tokens to be rewarded will be calculated at the date of mainnet launch.

Need help?

Reach out to other users, or members of the ODIN team for help getting your node set up, or to answer any questions you might have about the ODIN project.